News and Projects

Current project - Maternity T-shirts
Spring 2010

Alcohol Babies Anonymous provides maternity T-shirts with an alcohol-free pregnancy message to health and maternity centres. We provide a model T-shirt and printed information to the centres, along with instructions to interested women. The women email us directly indicating their plan for an alcohol-free pregnancy, and we return the T-shirt in the size of their choice to the health centres, at no cost. Along with the T-shirts, the women receive printed information on FASD. This project is simple to administer because we have direct email requests from the women and can deliver the shirts to the centres where the women already have appointments. If you would like to launch a similar project in your area, please contact us.

Physician education project
Summer 2010

Alcohol Babies Anonymous has launched a program to train medical professionals to advise patients about the dangers of maternal drinking. The project undertakes to contact all obstetricians, gynecologists, and family doctors within a specific area with information about FASD. The doctors have been invited to enrol in a no-cost electronic course at for professional updating on the topic. Prizes are offered to participants. This project launched in May lf 2009. If you are interested in launching a similar project in your area, Alcohol Babies can provide you with our detailed content and models for grant application.

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